// This girl is Smile's sister from .Flow, a Yume Nikki fangame. //

[Ask box Open!]

H-hello!! S-since it seems that my brother gets along with your sister, w-we can become friends! I’m so glad! W-we can play all day together now, Monoko!

// OMG. Anchio sono italiana! ;u; Sono così contenta, perchè non mi lasci un messaggio con il tuo account personale qui o nel mio personale? Mi piacerebbe scambiare due chiacchere! //

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(( Hello…! ))

(( A friend of mine found an icon with an answer from my ask. So I thought to say it even here: I don’t like that someone use my drawings (which after all are horrible!) even for rp. So please, if you have any icon with an answer from this ask-account of Sister, take them down. Thanks ;w; ))

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Remember those sketches I made weeks ago

Well yeah I finally got my PC back with all it’s memory thankfully on it so I could finish coloring them

And idk textures and sister is really fun to draw don’t judge me